Timing belt, timing chain, v-belt, tensioner belt and repair kit


Timing belt and timing chain

Timing BeltA timing belt is one of the most essential parts of the engine. For a four stroke engine to operate, valves releasing the combustible fuel-vapour mixture must open and close at specified times. The opening of consecutive valves is controlled by a timing belt or a timing chain, which transfers drive from the crankshaft onto the camshaft. Three out of four vehicles on our roads are equipped with timing belts. The reason for this is quite simple: they are cheaper, lighter and work more quietly, which is important from the standpoint of comfort. During its operation, the timing belt is subject to changing tensions, shifting temperatures and friction against other components, which results in wear and tear over time. Thanks to the development in material manufacture and implementation, the life expectancy of timing belts has increased, on average, to 60.000 miles, and in some cases to 90.000 miles.

Optimum power transmission even after thousands of operating hours and with extreme loads - for these high requirements we recommend our timing belt and timing chain. The sections and belt constructions of this high capacity belt have been perfectly designed - down to the smallest detail. The materials used are also perfect for the job: wear resistant polyamide, zero stretch glass-fibre cord and durable polychloroprene elastomer. Due to the individual components being tuned optimally to one another, timing belt and timing chain achieve excellent results with regard to performance and life. Especially in the compact drives of modern engines its efficiency is unrivalled.

Benefits of our timing belts and timing chains:
- high efficiency factor
- slip free power transmission
- maximal utilisation life
- enormous scuff resistance
- service free operation
- extraordinarily resistant against cold, heat and oil
- extreme tensile strenght



Diagram of timing belt

Timing Belt Diagram





1 - Camshaft sprocket

2 - Timing belt

3 - Belt tensioner

4 - Alternator

5 - Water pump intake hose

6 - Crankshaft sprocket











Automotive V-belt

V-BeltA v-belt also plays an important role in the engine, as it drives auxiliary components, such as the water pump and the alternator. The breaking of the v-belt almost immediately makes it impossible to drive any further. The lifetime of modern v-belts is very long, however. They tend to stand out for thousands of miles and are usually replaced alongside the fitting of a new timing belt.

V-belt has excellent tension behaviour with low stretch. That, together with the section accuracy, means it is quiet running to a high degree when driving alternators, water pumps or air conditioning compressors.
The continuous utilization of the v-belt is of special economic efficiency due to the maintenance free performance.



Benefits of our v-belts:
- long life
- high efficiency
- maintenance free operation
- quiet running
- excellent tension behaviour



Belt tensioner

Belt TensionerProduct range offers tensioner belts in high quality for all important european vehicles. Therefore, it perfectly complements the range of timing belts for automotive applications.

Benefits of our belt tensioner:
- economical and efficient
- high quality
- operationally safe
- universally usable
- maintenance free
- suitable for all common timing belts





Repair kit

The protection of the drive belt should always be top priority. A wrong tension caused by defective tensioner belt can result in damage to the timing belt or ribbed belt. Therefore, it is recommended that the tensioner belt should be replaced at the same time as the timing belt. Thus expensive damage to the engine can be avoided.

According to the vehicle type, repair kit consists of one or two timing belts or ribbed belts and a tensioner belt.